Monday, June 18, 2012

Humbled: Dominique

Hey y'all! The fact that we are blogging from Africa, still blows my mind. God has done and continues to do amazing things over here and we are left in awe more and more each day. After a much needed afternoon of rest yesterday, we definitely hit the ground running today. We drove two hours to a village called Bikoko. The people there were SO hospitable and welcoming. The church was made out of sticks and cloth but was completely packed. Ryan, Robert, Riley, Melissa, and Harrison spoke...and oh my goodness they did an awesome job! Well...they did an awesome job at being available because God spoke the TRUTH out of their mouths. Their worship is indescribable. It's like one big dance party for Jesus. The place is filled with joy, to say the least. Compared to how we worship back was convicting. Everyone worshipping was doing so with such a surrendering character and rawness. We can all easily say that being a part of this worship is one of the best experiences of our lives. Towards the end, pastor Benjamin asked us to pray over the sick. Mothers were bringing their children, and children were bringing themselves to be prayed over. It was so humbling and we were reminded what child like faith we are called to have. The power that RAISED JESUS FROM THE DEAD LIVES IN THOSE WHOM LIVE IN HIM. Speechless. Praying over those sick and malnourished today knowing that promise is SO comforting and powerful. We are fsho not worthy enough to be used as his vessels, yet here we are sitting at our hotel in Uganda reflecting on it. So unreal. Go Jesus. Okay, then the crew set up the sound system to get ready for the Jesus Film and the Altar Call. The minute we moved out there and started the music the kids of the village busted it out! Stomp the Yard:Uganda Version! Seriously these kids had the moves! They put Americans to shame. Don't worry, we got it all on film! Ciara then got on the mic. Christians on one side of her, non-believers on the other. I know she brewed up a little speech in her mind earlier but you could tell the Lord had something different planned. Explaining the beauty of the Gospel and how true it is, we could all tell the Holy Spirit was moving. Side note: our bus drivers are Muslim, but came to the church with us today and were also dancing in worship! Praise God! Needless to say, today was so so so humbling. An eye opener. It is only by God's grace that we could even be there. A blog post doesn't do it justice! Whew, okay I'm done. Sorry for the novel friends! Ps-please be in prayer about tomorrow as part of the team heads to a very spiritually dark village and for health of the team. Thank you!


  1. Praying for all of you! And praying that your bus drivers will come to know the Lord!

  2. Beautiful stories and prayers for you all tomorrow!